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Morning traffic in the main roads...

in Pune






 (Fotos: Lionheart Bittel)

...no traffic in the side roads.


A morning run in one of Indias big cities


How and where to run in a big indian city? - Ofcourse it is not as easy as in Europe, but you can.

In Pune, one morning...

Before sunrise: Dogs playing with the leftover of the night

Before sunrise: Burning the waste

Preparing sugar cane for a yummie juice

Sonrise over the rocky Pune river

Whats new in the newspaper?

School bus is coming!

Repairing + preparing the Rikshaw

Street cleaning woman

What a contrast

A little "temple" on the side of the street

Fruit lady


Flowers to be sold at the street

"Holy cow" looking for food in a waste container

Holy cows + street dogs, this is morning life in India.

If you run early in the morning, before/around sunrise, the air is better than in the evening. Its cooler too.
But I didnt want to run longer than 45 min, because it gets noisy, crowded, polluted and warm.

Yes! - It is possible to do some running in the morning. Nobody bothers you, its as normal as any other thing.

But there aren't many runners...

Lionheart  fromteam bittel“, a bit different idea of running

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