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Running in the back country of Varkala...

Pictures from running in Varkala (Kerala/ India)





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...like one shouldn't do?

Bericht und Bilder

Before the heat of day


While I am in South India, I decide to run early in the morning. I start 20 minutes before sunrise, which is at 7:10 a.m. The temperatures and the air are fresher in the morning than in the evening, when I used to run. There  is just one problem: getting up early! But it is worth it! And I find a lot of India life which I wouldn't see else.

It is 6:00 a.m., and I wake up by my little alarm clock. I almost never use it, because I like to sleep a lot. Especially in my vacations. You understand me. So today I ask myself: "should I really get up and run"? - Well, today I will. I visualize how beautiful, energetic and long the day after running usually is. That helps. Okay, I get up. 

After some light yoga, at 6:50 a.m. me and my little camera are stepping out of the house and follow the only and main street through Varkala Beach. I have my belt with the 4 little water bottles around my waist, that should be enough for 80 minutes. After 2km I enter Varkala downtown in the awakening traffic and take a right to a minor road to Varkalas back country. There's almost no traffic, a bus, some cars once in a while...

I run slowly into the sunrise. The sun shines very low from the side. Bit by bit the villagers are awakening. More and more school kids on the side of the roads, waiting for the daily bus. Its very peaceful and quiet, no horns, not much noise. How nice is that in India! You know. The day is getting warmer, as I am floating over the asphalt. I roll peacefully and free, I feel myself light and I am happy I made it. I mean, I made it getting up, you know.

What you see at 7 a.m. in India

Chai man

Flower man, before the temple

Reading newspaper

Rikshaw man, waiting for the first customer

Filling up the water from the pipe at the street

Ladder man - For coconuts or for constructions?

Newspapers and magazines come by bike

Indian ladies love to have it clean

Cleaning befor going to school (with a smile)

A sign for Lionheart running?

Ladies waiting for the bus

Advertising on the street

Lets see what this day brings?

Men wear Lungi in the South, no pants/trousers

A typical pose

Reading loud to a neighbour who can't read

Petrol station, waiting for the first car

Rikshaw men

Varkala, this way

Loading bricks

Nursing students

Waiting for the school bus (in school uniform)

Good morning chicken...

...lets go out to the yard

Little primary school girl (dog still sleeping)

Preparing gift rings for temple visitors

Taking a bath in the clear and holy temple basin water

It is getting hot already (8:00 a.m.)

The Newspaper...

...a good glas of Chai...

...and a spicy Breakfast dish, all sitting beside the street


What I like in the morning time runnings is, the dogs are still sleeping. What I dont like is, when someone burns the waste early in the morning and I have to breath that smoke. It happens. India...

But I really like it a lot to run in the morning time in India. Little noise, little traffic, no horns. I have done that all over South India: in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Come join me next time...


Lionheart (Erwin@team-bittel.de),   running a bit different.

More of my reports Running in India:  click here: Mumbai Marathon 2006 und Running in Hundistan (in German)




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