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Team Bittel "Team Bittel"
Run with Fun

Thomas, Erwin und Joachim
Thomas / Erwin / Joachim the founders of the team

Team Bittel


Take part in our international community of road runners, skaters, triathlets and ride & tie fans!

Not long ago the three of us, Erwin, Joachim and Thomas started a movement for all, who are enjoying to run.
Meanwhile we are a 10 years old community. There are members who have just started with their hobby and on the other side there are members who even take sucessfully part in marathons and ultra marathons. But one thing brings us all together: We enjoy and we have so much fun while running.

We are mainly located in Germany and because there are so many people from other countries who would like to join our movement, we started with our international pages (English, Spanish, Italian, French).

You will find information, news and events from the runners' world on this website. 
Most information is still placed on the german pages. But you can read it with the help of the translation tool
The results of these translations are not perfect, but in most times it is possible to understand it.

By the time the content of our international pages will grow and grow and so will the information on these pages.

Apart from the information you get on these pages, one thing is very important for us: 
We want that you and all members of this community will exchange the experiences and fun regarding running. 

:-) We wish you big fun with that really great and new experience!

If you are interested to take actively part in our international movement of nature runners,
don't hesitate to send us a an e-mail for more information


Reports in English

Paris Marathon Apr 11, 2010

It is something special to run
in the City of Love!

Himalaya Running (Ladakh+Manali) Aug 2009 There is lack of oxygene
up in the Himalayas.

You go slow,
but you go.
India Running (Pune) Feb 2009 CAn you go running
in a big Indian city?

Well, you can.
India Running (Kerala) Jan 2008 I haven't seen anybody
running in South India.

But why not?
Bombay Marathon Jan 15, 2006

It was hot,
very hot!

Erwin's spontaneous idea to participate:
Read what wonderful things happened
at the end...
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Run with Fun!


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